If you have problem using your Keecard maybe these articles might help you. If they dont please Contact us.

If you are trying to share your details using the NFC and it is not working, check out the points below:


  • On iPhones, the sweet spot for reading NFC is on the very top of the back of the device.
  • Make sure the phone is unlocked  before tapping


  • For Androids, the sweet spot for reading NFC is in the center at the back of the device.
  • Turn on NFC capabilities in their phone settings.

If their phone is on the compatible devices list and is still not reading your Tapni, go to their phone settings and search for NFC. Make sure that “NFC” is turned on!

Keecards does NOT work when:

✈️ The other phone is in airplane mode

🔋 The other phone is battery saving mode battery

🔦 The other phone has the lamp on 

💤 The screen of the other phone is off 

📸 The other phone’s camera is being used

Please note that this is how the NFC function works on smartphones and we are not able to change it, improve it or affect it in any way.

If after following all the steps in Troubleshooting, there is still nothing when you hold the product on the NFC reader, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Download the NFC Tools app available on Apple Store and Play Store

Step 2: Click on “Read”

Step 3: Tap your Keecard with your phone

Step 4: Send us a screenshot of all details and a photo of your QR code here.

Please note that we need the FULL screenshot with all the details (from top to bottom), so that we can help you out immediately.

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