Make the smart choice for your business and the planet with our sustainable NFC cards!

Ditch the dull exchange of business cards and tap into the future! With NFC business cards, you can impress, connect, and share with just a tap or scan. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to a memorable way of networking!

◌ Designed for both individuals and teams.
Design & Purchase Card

Customize the look of your card to match your brand image. Your purchased card will be sent to you.

Activate & Manage Card

Activate your card. Enter your contact information and manage your card.

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How It Works?

Impress everyone you meet with the quickest and most effective way to share contact details, social media links, and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Keecard products are innovative digital business cards designed to make sharing and exchanging your contact information quicker and more effective. With a simple tap on an NFC-enabled phone, a link with your contact details will instantly open, ready to be saved.

When someone taps your Keecard product or scans its QR code, a notification appears on their phone. Tapping it opens your contact info in their browser, with no extra apps needed.

For older phones without NFC capabilities, a QR code on the back of the card allows for seamless sharing of your information.

Once purchased you'll receive an email invitation to create your profile.

  1. Create your profile
    Download Keecard App to effortlessly set up your profile (your digital business card). Add your links and contact information that you want to share, with just a few clicks.

  2. Connect it with the product
    After receiving your Keecard product, you will connect it to your pre-built profile by scanning the QR code.

  3. 🚀 You are all set!
    Share who you are, with anyone and start building valuable connections, today!

Nope 😊 There's no need for the other person to have a Keecard product or a specific App to receive your information.

Your profile will open in their browser, which is available on every smartphone. Check out all Keecard smart products: All Products

Digital business cards like Keecards offer an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution for networking and building connections in today's digital age. Keecards Products provide an easy way to update, share and exchange your contact information, making them a convenient tool for professionals across various industries.

Save money

Network smarter with free digital business cards.

Stand out from the crowd with digital business cards. Not only are digital cards better for the environment, they’re also better for your wallet and will help you make a great first impression. 

Easily and fast sharing information

Easily share and receive information.

Share your virtual business card using a QR code or send it through email, text, social media, and more. Anyone can receive your digital card, even if they don’t have the app.

All in one place

A better way to view your contacts.

Your Self-Healing Address Book™ will update itself with your contacts’ latest information, making contact management effortless. Customize your address book by adding notes and tags to your contacts, and easily organize your contacts into groups.


Turn paper cards into digital contacts.

We know there are people who love physical business cards. If someone hands you a physical card, use our human-verified business card scanner to easily digitize your new contact’s information. 

Lovely Customers

I've been using Keecards, and it's been pretty handy. It's simple to use, and I appreciate not having to deal with paper business cards anymore. It's nice to have my cards on hand whenever I need them. Thanks, Keecards.

E Sofia

People seem to like scanning my QR code. It's a more modern alternative to handing out traditional business cards, and I find it pretty convenient. Thanks!

A Amerie

I usually don't write reviews, but I wanted to share my experience with this digital business card app. It's quick to set up and user-friendly, allowing easy edits. I like that I can add a photo and social media buttons. There's even a feature for a live photo with sound if I choose. I've tried a few other digital card apps, but this one stands out as the best for me.

C Normanie
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